Yappy Days - Doggy Day Care Liverpool

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All friendly dogs are welcome!

Contact Gemma on 07528 849881

Unit 1, Hanson Road, Liverpool, L9 7BP

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Email: gemma@yappy-days.co.uk

Don’t want to leave your dog home alone?
Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?
Then why don’t you bring them along to Yappy Days for a full day of fun and playtime!

Price List
1 dog full day (over 6 hours of day care)

1 day a week = £20
2 days a week (£18 per day) = £36
3 days a week (£17 per day) = £51
4 days a week (£16 per day) = £64
5 days a week (£15 per day) = £75

Half Day (upto 6 hours) = £15
Anytime if pickup exceeds 6 hours you will be charged a full day.

Multiple Dogs

For two dogs from the same household, the price will apply to the first dog and the second dog will be charged at half day rate.

Three dogs from the same household all three will be charged at £15 each.

Opening times
Monday – Friday 7:00am till 5:30pm